you gawked
at me while
on your bike
and crashed
into a car
i guess i
should be
flattered but
i’m sorry
that you


it matters
a great deal
to Adam
that giraffes
are prohibited
from the backyard
because they
always walk
into the
and damage
all the linens


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This has been another edition of my “poetry farts”. Despite there being many poems on this blog, I cannot stress enough that I am not a poet. I write these things to amuse myself, and I hope they amuse you too.


her name was fury
a name which she
cannot escape
a name which defines
her walk in life
a name branded in
searing hot flesh
a name which leaves
scars for everyone to see
a name for which
she is trapped
in a cycle of conflict
a barrier which she cannot
break through
a barrier greater than
stone walls
a barrier that is
within the hearts of men
a barrier which casts her
on the outskirts
a barrier that
she rejects but cannot change
but she tries
time and time again
no matter how much it hurts
no matter how futile it feels
she tries
and on the line is her dignity
her morals and self respect
for the hope that
it can get better
for the hope that
the barriers will come down
for the hope that
fury will be erased


This is one of those rare and immediate poems that sort of write themselves – and in this case, I rather like the result. Usually I take quite a bit of time to edit my posts. It may not always seem that way, but that’s very much the intention. Kind of like men’s hairstyles, where the “effortless look” actually takes hours. I hope you enjoy this messy do. 

i made reservations
here tonight
for us
to eat
to clink
and fall in love
no excuses
don’t be late
but if you are
i’ll still wait
a lifetime is on
the menu tonight
a portion for two
between you and i



I recently started a part time job as the coat check girl in a very fancy schmancy restaurant and I love watching all the different couples and groups come in and leave on such a high. It’s rather heartwarming and well, there’s not much to do at the coat check counter, so I wrote this poem to kill some time.

does he?
                     does she?
will they?
                     you think?
why not?
                     but won’t – ?
who cares?
                     for real?
why ask?
                     how long?
since fall?
                      that long?
you mind?
                      you don’t?
who cares?
                      yeah… right.

by: Sage Vaughn

by: Sage Vaughn


Audrey Hepburn with Fred Astaire. Hint: I’m dressing up as one of them for Halloween tonight.

… there was a time
not too long ago
when she would spin
all night long
in a dizzying waltz
above all else below
lights, music, laughter
her movements made
rooms come to life
… those were the days
before air conditioners
the days when ceiling fans
reigned over rooms
with grace and personality
and the ability to
hypnotize onlookers
… but those days are gone
only idleness and
dust remain


Ever had one of those days when you stared up at the ceiling wondering, “what the fuck am I going to write?” yeah, that was me last night. 

So, it’s been well over a year since my last post. To pick up from where I left off, my backpacking/volunteer trip to South-East Asia was a great experience. I decided to go without my laptop which is why I didn’t upload any blog entries while I was there. The experience of being without a laptop for two months? Not too bad.

I suppose I could go through my handwritten journal and share some stories from my trip last year, but I’ve never been the type of person who looks to the past… which is probably why I “Asian-failed” history class. I like to look to the future, as in, obsessing over it, and preparing myself for situations and conversations that may never happen. As for present? Fuck the present, that bitch is a revolving door. Better to focus on what’s beyond it.

Wow, that is terrible advice. Please don’t take anything I write on this blog seriously. I certainly don’t – as it is evident in my lack of commitment to upload quality content in a consistent fashion.

Having that said, I actually have no idea what to say in this post. Blah blah blah. Content achieved. You’ve waisted your time.

A picture of a few of elephants at the Elephant Valley Project where I volunteered in Cambodia. Thought I should at least upload a picture since I wrote a whole series of poems dedicated to these awesome mammals and the people who donated to my fundraiser.

A group of elephants from the Elephant Valley Project where I volunteered in Cambodia. Thought I should at least upload a picture since I wrote a whole series of poems dedicated to these awesome mammals and the people who donated to my fundraiser.

This is all to say, I plan on blogging again.

she had feathers missing on her wings
she didn’t know if they’d ever grow
so she learned to run instead


he kissed me
and i kissed him back
but i don’t love him
i guess i should
tell him


they laughed
at the same
punchlines for
years to keep
the friendship
alive / while
forgetting to make
new jokes with
on the side



clear skies
baking pies
flying kites
stealing bites
taking hikes
riding bikes
kiss goodbyes
b u t t e r f l i e s


oh why must airfare be so fickle?

toying with my emotions
                                    and my budget
fleeting, ever elusive,
leaving me helpless
my needs
my dreams
my hopes

i only wish to fly across the sea
for a rare visit to see my family
a reunion nine years late
must airfare determine my fate?


This past week has been… turbulent, so to speak. I’m currently looking at plane tickets for my upcoming volunteer/backpack trip to South-East Asia; and I also hoped to go to China to visit my family, whom I haven’t seen in nine years. But these airfare prices! The way they rise and fall, and lately, continuously rise – it’s been really challenging to stay hopeful. Alas, what choice do I have but to keep my fingers crossed? Here’s to keeping hope alive – so that I may take flight! 


Come home my darling
The kettle is calling
The candles are burning
Your kiss I’m yearning

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